Good Girl Gone Badd (Badd Brothers, #4) by Jasinda Wilder // Book Review //

January 20, 2018

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Genre: Adult Fiction / Romance 
Rating: 4 Stars


Evangeline du Maurier is the definition of a good girl. Attending Yale, raised with the best tutors and etiquette instructors, she's expected to toe the family line and be a trophy wife for a future senator. But when this good girl takes a quick getaway to clear her head, she finds a whole lot more than she'd bargained for. She finds herself in the arms of a bad boy. 

Baxter Badd. 
Big, hard-drinking, and as rough and demanding in bed as he is out of it, Bax may be the baddest brother yet...



Good Girl Gone Badd, can I just start by saying that this title is the best thing ever? Because it is, and the cover is to die for as well. After seeing these things and reading the synopsis, I was like: GIMMIE! Besides, Baxter always was the brother that caught my eye the fastest.

So far this was the book that I liked the best. It has the non-typical story of the rich girl falling for the rugged man. The story starts off quite interesting, with the good girl escaping from her father and ending up in Alaska. Then immediately she goes to a fighting arena where she sees Baxter fighting and winning. Then she decides to walk home and four guys try to take advantage of her, that’s when Baxter shows up and the real fun begins…

I imagined Evangeline as this prissy girl, but she turned out quite the contrary. She’s a little minx. Of course, she’s still all proper and polite but that quickly changes once Baxter opens her eyes. I liked seeing the transition from that stuck up girl to an adventurer and confident woman. The one thing I didn’t appreciate? She talked too much during the sexy scenes… that’s it.

Baxter Badd. The name alone is sexy as hell. I loved getting to know him and he is by far my favorite brother of the bunch. We got a lot from this guy and he proved us that he isn’t just some football player that screws anything with legs on. No, he’s caring and he tries to help Evangeline whenever he can. Pushing her limits. Flirting with her. He's a big teddy bear!

I loved the dynamic between these two. When you're picking a book from the Badd series you know you’re going to get plenty of sexy scenes, which this book had a ton of. Super sexy and steamy.

The book itself was fun, cute, fast and sweet. And super-Hot as well! Totally recommend if you’re looking for a book that’s going to make you laugh and give you all kinds of butterflies. 

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