Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

February 01, 2013

I never though to be laughing so much at the end of a romantic book named WALLBANGER. But i am. And Sad  because it's over as well.
When Caroline moves in to her dream apartment never thought her next door neighbor would be banging her wall every night with three different and distinct girls that form his personal Harem. But he is and she's going to do something about it even if it is in a pink nightie in the middle of the night.

Just the synopsis is Brilliant, the book will blow your mind it  had the perfect mix of all you could want. It's Romantic for those who crave a tender love story, It's Sweet, it's hard, it's adventurous and it shows the complicated life of a Single girl having to live with a Hottie next door.

Caroline was a very determined woman from the beginning to end focused on her work as a designer  with a thriving career, excellent baker as well obsessed with Food Network and her Cat. She was not annoying, she was just fun and very loving if not a bit whinny. With her Crazy friends, i did not felt like punching her once. She made the right decisions trough all the story without backing out. She had a nice Backbone has she says.

I am in Love with Simon, I think everyone who reads this will be. He is the best male character ever. He's wild. Confident. Charming. Sweet. Fun. Hot. Believable. And has flaws. Something you almost never see in a guy in this stories. He has a past, he has depth and never stops eating!!! That Man has a stomach.

Everything blends nicely. All the characters, the mood, the weird but hot friends with they're respective boyfriends, all the trips, the adventures. It's Fresh, it's New and it's Freaking Fantastic.

The author mixed between the story a chapter of her Cat's point of view.... Chapter's full of text messages, with smart ass responses and words of true love said by a wonderful couple.
I don't know what to write anymore. Because you shouldn't be wasting time reading this. GO READ THE BOOK!

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