Mile High (Up in the air 2) by R. K. Lilley

February 09, 2013

I had very confused feeling while reading this. First i wanted to slap Bianca, then i wanted to hug Damien and last but not least James, i don't like him anymore.
I don't know why but his character doesn't inspire me any confidence that he likes Bianca. He just seems colder, like there's a distance between the reader and him. I just wanted them over during this whole book. He's a stalker, idiot and very much controlling guy. To the point of exaggeration. And he is always in a funky mood. huh.
I'd liked for Damien to have more of a participation in book number 2, he's such a passionate and different character that i think Bianca would be much better with him.
Bianca is much more out there, she is always jealous ( Which is very much annoying  I get that James has had loads of Women before but just cool it down a notch. ), we barely see any scenes on the plane which is odd because the whole story of this book started on a plane, she is starting to loose her distinct personality that she had in book number one.
Okay. After all those thing i noticed, here are all the good ones.
The concept of Bianca story is much more developed by some situations that are going to happen and some sullen news to be delivered. It was a good way to distract us from the main couple and add some action into this otherwise too much Romance driven book.
We see the add of some interesting cast. As two very jealous, annoying girls and some of Jame's family and friends. Stephan is finally getting a real Love interest adding another point of interest in this story.
And that's it....
Basically is that I preferred book one loads more than this one.

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