House Rules (Chigagoland Vampires 7) by Chloe Neill

February 07, 2013

Now that there is a vampire killing guy out there. The Cadogan House is retrieving they're ownership of themselves and Merit had an alliance with the Red Guard. This is about to get steamy.  But i could make a really god food joke about this but will nor risk it. For Merit's Sake. 
I have been anxiously waiting for this book for what it seemed like forever and it was everything i hoped it would be.
A Thrilling, heart-racing, blood warming, action packed Novel.
Since the first book came out we always have this pattern, the writing type is always interesting, the right scenes that create tension, the loving moments and the big hanging cliffs. It's addictive and now we want/have to know more about all Cadogan Vampires and Chicago.

The Mood of the story is what really sets this book apart because it excites you being so well described you can feel all the sensations at max.

The secondary characters are amazing, having very strong personalities that you can't see anywhere else. They make you want to know more about them, make you know about their story and when it gives you that you just enjoy it more. This book sets no one apart but treats everyone like they are main characters and equally important. Because, and let's be honest, without our vampire friends and foes this book would be very lonely and sad.

Then we have our love interest Ethan and Merit. I found that in this book they had more of ups than downs, which was sad because i like to see them fighting. But it was more dynamic and trusting their relationship, more interesting. Thought, and i admit, i am a very big fan of Jonah  Yes, yes. I would have liked to have seen more of him, though he's in here plenty, but more moves on his part. And we will be able to see some ass kicking with these two. And it's no joke for them.

“You,” they simultaneously said."

See, there will be some interesting, to say the least, parts in their relationship.
We will continued to hear about Merit food addiction, casting place for some serious funny jokes and smart ass comments, also her relationship with her father will be more approached and reason with in the book. And we will see and new and improved Jeff.
Be ready for surprises because this will drive you crazy.
So and i devoured this book the minute i received it. I couldn't help it. I said to myself "You will read this slowly" But i couldn't. I'm weak. Blame me....

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