Sever (The Chemical Garden 3#) by Lauren DeStefano

February 13, 2013

This Trilogy of books made us fall in love with their personages in a personal level, made us believe and follow their history with conviction. But now it's over, and this being the last book i though it to be very unsatisfying, rushed and tragic.
I felt like there were loads of thing left unsaid, left unexplained and strained.

There were trough out the book the same firecracker, determined characters we've know during this journey but somehow they had more sadness, they all grew up forcibly and too fast. We can see a visible change in the way they treat each other, coldness with Linden and Rhine or love for Linden and Cecily, it's all more palpable and noticeable. It's a rush of emotion, this book served to say all that was left unsaid.
Linden was much more closed and retracted to the world around him. Since the lost of Rose and now Rhine he has this new cold side of him, but his eyes are always filled with hope and love.
"I nod like I’m not at all unnerved by this new cold side to him. Not cruel like his father. Not warm like the husband who sought me out on quiet nights. Something in between."
Cecily is more mature now. Still has her tantrums but still she is now a reliable mother and friend.
"Here is where I expect her to cry, but she doesn’t. She only looks at me. And it strikes me again how much she’s grown in my absence."
But Rhine is the one to noticed she remained an idiot. She was a Believer, a dreamer but now we can tell that all she once believe she has put it behind her back and dealt with. She is more grown up, more serious but still cannot see what is best for her, still cannot distinguish who would maker her happy.
“It wasn’t all a lie, Linden,” I burst out when he’s a few yards away. My voice is weak, getting smaller with each word. “Not everything. Not all of it.”
 "And the one who found a way to love her captor."
This was not a book everyone will be happy about to end this fantastic world with. Actually I think many people will be downright murderous when they finish it because it's sad and it doesn't have the typical "Happy Ending" but leaves us with a certain melancholy.

It is introduced to us a few more crazy people and the comeback of someone of the book two. They will have an important presence trough out, like Linden's uncle that we will meet.
"Reed is either a genius or completely mad, or both."
 Quite the crazy man with a house filled with gadgetry and modified dump, but a nice and loving guy that likes his cigars. I just felt sorry for him to only be introduced in the last book because in my opinion the author could have used him to add fantastic twists.  There is also Rhine's brother. She gets to finally find him and the reunion is happy, he is a revolutionary that could also been more explored.

The book disappointed me. I have to admit  that i was expecting much more. And it had potential for more. But i am happy all ended well (at least some parts). This is the closure for all the character we have learned to love,

"It’s a world worth fighting for. Set fire to the broken pieces; start anew."

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