The Indigo Spell (Bloodlines 3) by Richelle Mead

February 23, 2013

I tried over the three books to get inside the story and to like Sydney, but somehow i can only care enough to  pay attention when the old characters pay us a visit.

  I cannot accept Sydney as a lead character. Jill, Adrian or even Eddie would be sooo much more interesting. She is just annoying with her "i want it but i shouldn't" attitude. I have to admit the girl has courage going against her whole life and beliefs to do the "Right thing" and she's very well written but she's a character that came of the mind of Richelle mead so she has to be good.
Also we can see some developments in her persona, she doesn't run now. She faces her fears. She's strong and Unafraid. Mostly because of Adrian....

But moving on to the actual story. I only read this book out of curiosity and mostly because of Adrian. He's still the carefree, artistic and laid back guy we always met and loved. But somehow now he's more daring  making him more real and believable. In this spin off series we can see a side of him we didn't realise it's there. It's one of the perks of this series, it shows us the characters with more attention and detail.

Jill and Eddie are still confused about each other and you don't really get a development in their relationship during the course of the action. I whished we could have seen more of them. The book It's too focused on Sydney's problems to care about anyone else.

Ther is a big marriage. Sonya's. That will blow your mind. Finally the junction of a Moroi with a Dhamphir. There we get a glimpse, but just a TINY GLIMPSE, of Lisa, Rose, Christian and Dimitri. Anyone wished they showed up more? I do. Christian is awesome, funny, sarcastic and gives life to the book. And Rose and Dimitri. This double threat is being missed. Lisa is more calm but still i would like to know how is the life of the princess.

Don't get me wrong the book is awesome. Filled with magic and a tiny surprise that will warm you're heart. It has the best mix of Action, Love and lies. It's good but it's nowhere near as BADASS as "Vampire Academy".

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