Fallen Crest High (Fallen crest High 1#) by Tijan

February 11, 2013

This story is filled with so much Drama. From the beginning to the end.
"Did you see what I did? I don't even know which thing to talk about first? I can't prioritize them. This is drama overload."

But it was so much Fun by being able to know the story of the Kade brothers and Sam, get to see the start of a loyal friendship and something more.

"Everyone knows they're jerks because they don't care about anything or anyone."

Fallen Crest High a school divided into the public and private part. So there's different, competitive football teams that will push all the limits and that's how Sam get's to know the brother's by witnessing a stupid prank and keeping her mouth shut.
Then she has to go live with them because her mother is shaking up with their father, we will not see a single word pronounced between them at least in the first 150 pages i think, only hard, questioning looks. Which will be a major thing that will drive us mad but makes us want to stick around to see what follows.
Then she finds out her boyfriend is disloyal with someone important to her and we see the evolution of Sam. We see her in the beginning as someone who doesn't care, someone numb to a girl that fights for justice, and says things as she sees it. She's a very well written character that will drive you crazy but never frustrated because you can always understand her actions.
Logan is the goofball of the team, a loving guy and kind of a whore that has been hurt by the past. He has a hyena laugh, a bunch of girls following him and likes to get in trouble by his words. He adds so much fun to this story it would be impossible now to read it without him.
Mason is the serious one of the two, the one who trows a deadly punch. He will be enigmatic trough out the whole book but there will be some times when we will see some emotion and feelings in his manner.
Then there's Nate. I would have liked to see more of him in this story because he was a character that would had added a certain mystery and interest. But it was okay and he was the calm between the two brother.
Resuming all  the characters were unique in their way, the secondary and the main ones. No one was left out or forgotten.
The public life of everyone was on display in this story, the gossips, the betrayals, the fights, the break ups and make ups. You will get addicted to this High and not be able to put this novel down one second. There is Love, loyalty, alliance, action and hard core humor.

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