Fallen Too far by Abbi Glines

January 28, 2013

Isn't the cover too die for? It's just how i pictured Blaire and Rush... You'll see <3

Aside from Beautiful disaster, a novel that i am also in love with, this was the best book I've read in a while.
From all the subjects and stories we have seen before and keep repeating, the stories that we cannot wait to end and that time we only read a book just to finish it... This Book is NOTHING like that. It's the biggest opposite you could throw my way. It has the right amount of everything. Of Love, Of friends, Of Boys, Of Drama, Of Crying And Of Loss.

The story starts off very fast and decided. We start with Blaire a girl that just lost  her mother, has no place to live and whose father is a jerk and a A-HOLE. She is such and amazing person, she has the right attitude trough the whole book. She's humble, hardworking, forgiving and always willing to help. You'd think it sounds boring? it's not. It's the type you can never get mad and you feel like throwing into a wall. At least i didn't. She goes into this town full of snobs who think themselves higher than anyone but she manages to find the good type of friends in between that accept her and welcome her. Oh, and She has a Gun!! Which she can manage better than anyone and which she will pull on someone several times.
Than There's Rush an enigmatic boy, son of a leading Rockstar and her father's new wife. He's spoiled, very rich and though it might look and idiot he actually has a heart. He was very mysterious during this story but i though just because of the BIG SECRET (I CAN'T TELL) that surrounds everyone in that circle. But still he's very likable, gentle and very Brave. And HOT.  Besides you can't resist him when you see him cry...
 He agrees to let her stay in his house in a small room for a month until she can get back in her feet. See, it's getting better. Then it's party, party, party he has a sister.
 A Sister you want to smack into a wall. Nan. She's the secret and an awful person who should be shot.
The secondary characters all exist and are very well mixed into the story. Everyone has a point and if you took them out the book wouldn't be the same.
 I would expect to see a bit more of Woods and Grant, i think they were sort of left out of the story a bit, but hopefully they will be back full force in the next installment
 The story was perfect. But The author is Abby Glines and She is amazing. I say it again and Said it before that She's One of The Top Writers on my List.
This book is a ray of sunshine for me. It was everything you want in a book. It had a catch and  a fantastic ploy. 10 STARS!!!!

“I love you.”  Now guess who said it first...

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