Taking on The Dead (The Famished Trilogy 1#) by Annie Walls

February 12, 2013

I am so glad this is a Trilogy because i can't wait to hear the rest of Kansas History.

Taking on the Dead is a creepy tale of survival of the fittest with a terrifying infestation of grade-A Zombies. Really, i love Zombie movies but feel like sometimes they are never made justice to how gruesome they can be, but this blew everyone away. All the bloody, desperate scenes, all the decomposing skulls and rotting bodies, this has the best Zombies I've seen in a while, even on TV.

"They aren’t acting like famished zombies. They walk together, grouped."

This is a Twisted story which tells exactly how the Society can get so desperate with the will to survive by forgetting who they once were-

I fell in Love with all the characters, which are mainly men, all different individuals with very pronounced personalities.

Kansas herself was the girl you did not want to mess with. She was tough using only a machete and a crossbow to clean all the Zombies she could find while keeping a smile of victory in her face. She may be a girl but she is much stronger than  most. She is able to surprise us even when you think you have figured her out, it's also true that she is a bit naive but still i think it suits her to give her some youth. After all in the book she was sheltered all by herself for four years straight without going Bonkers which ended up resulting in her being the last person to know of everything. She also likes to keep grudges which I find a major plus in her persona.  Kansas is the most well portrayed person where you can evidently see a major progress from start to finish.

"I hate my old self. The spoiled rotten, selfish old me never had to garden, chop wood, target practice, crank a heavy generator, or loot for the things she needed. She never had to look over her shoulder and sleep with one eye open, gripping a weapon."

Rudy (short for........ you have to read the book) is a wonderful/mysterious guy that keeps his word maintaining it until the very end. You will see yourself cheer for him and following all his progress during the development of his story.  He is very believable and strong willed. You will love the way he will learn to prioritize the things he loves most.

"Sure, we flirt and make each other blush for fun, and I’m fond of him for saving my life, but something about him seems closed off."

 The story and how it was organised was a masterpiece, with different government agency's making a standout, religious cults professing their maniac devotion and loads of gun firing.  You will be satisfied of action/ Horror for a while....

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