In Flight by R.K. Lilley

February 04, 2013

If you want another bad ass story about a pretty boy billionaire with a messed up past and a pretty girl chased by her nightmares. There you have it.
A Fierce love story Is the way i can describe this book. The characters are so magnificently well written that you instantly love the whole scenario. The story is catchy  with a loads of mysteries and dirty secrets accompanied by the best buddies anyone could ask for. Including Stephan, a brilliant blonde, old-fashioned, sweet confider and brother to Bianca.
We experience. Regret. Passion. Doubt. And Adorable moments something that is very hard to mix well.  But the author cleverly made it and turned into a mouthwatering attention seeking book.
Bianca is the type of girl that does everything the right way. Never stirs from her path. I liked that after she met James she was more adventurous and outgoing, experiencing things and at the same time being more receptive to other people. She could be cold at certain times but used them well enough that the reason always stayed with her.
James is a mouth watering, troubled boy. He can cry and fight for what he wants or who he wants. Not afraid to say what is on his mind, always being noisy and very jealous. He has admirable devotion to her that is so sweet to see.
They are a fire couple.

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