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December 09, 2013

I've loved Sylvia Day's books from the very beginning but this one really let me down. Spellbound doesn't give us memorable characters that I personally didn't enjoyed reading about, the story doesn't have much of a meaning and it feels like it's just standing there all alone. I walked blindly into this because the book doesn't offer much of a summary but I tried and I'm sad that it failed..
Victoria is just dull. I could not understand her or even begin to like her because she's not relatable, she's not a character that you go like: damn she's strong. No, She's not strong even though she pretends to be, nor is she interesting. Yes, she's a cat but that's the only thing mildly funny about her... The rest is just adjectives thrown into a persona. Though I liked her devotion to Darius and her love for him but then in comes Max and she's dull again.
Max ran his hand over her soft black fur. “You’re beautiful, kitten,” he rumbled in his delicious voice. She purred in reply.
Max is hot and all but it doesn't matter how good looking a character is if you don't like him from the beginning. I am not going to deny that sometimes he was actually interesting and had a few nice, cute words to say but most of the times it was just dominance, dominance, dominance. Okay, I get that this book is all about that, but there are subtle ways of putting it without making it become overwhelming. And Max became disinteresting just because of that and because of being absolutely perfect! Where are the flawed characters like Gideon Cross?
Seriously, you cannot take a breath without having a sex scene... It's Like: let's make dinner. Sex. Let's catch the bad guys. Sex. Sex. Sex. let's see -Sex - a movie. Sex. You see? It came to a point that I had to skip those pages because it bored me. Not to mention that I didn't understand most of the storyline, with all the familiars and hunters and witches and shit. It's way too much information for such a small book.
I'm sad... I guess I'll just have to re-read the crossfire series...

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