The Eve (The Eden Trilogy, #3) by Keary Taylor Review. Spoilers + Quotes

December 07, 2013

This book scared the shit out of me. The Eve is absolutely surprising and got my heart pumping faster and faster with all the scares Keary gave us... The Trilogy is over! NOOOO. But at least they got a happy ending! This books were so good so i'm really sad to not having any more of Eve, Vee (she's a surprise), Creed (surprise as well), Avian, West and all the crew together in an asskicking book.

Best book of all three! The Eve shows us the start and the ending of everything. It tells us all the secrets we still didn't knew about TorBane and about the genes running trough Eve's veins. It starts powerful bonds that will make us angry to not get more of and it wraps up in an unbelievable fight in human versus Bane that's so well written that you will feel you're there. It's amazing.
Eve has a big task in here, she will have to return to her old home to TorBane and search for a kill code that will proceed to be launched from her head to kill every living Bane... But whilst she's doing this she'll save the life of one person, manage to find a missing one, have some sweet time with Avian and fight off an army of angry Banes. Yep, she's kind of cool at multitasking and She's been the secret to solve this problem all along! I kind of suspected it but now that it's done it's even greater. She's not just part bane now, she's a girl.
 "You are the only being capable of bringing about any sort of change,” Dr. Evans said as he stood finally.  “You, Eve, are the last hope this planet has.  You will be the savior of this world.” 
I actually rolled my eyes.

Avian is the sweetest guy. He will be here to support Eve for everything that will come to harm them. He's like her bodyguard even though she doesn't want him to get hurt. They love each other fiercely  and you can tell all throughout this book. They share "I Love You" like crazy and in the end when we get a little a sad surprise that will make the tears flow to everyone, is when we will really notice the depth of their bond.
 I didn’t believe in soul mates, but I did believe in the better half of two wholes. Avian was mine.
West is really important in the last book because his life mission is over. He will finally get what he was looking for and live happily ever after. But of course to get there, he will have countless fights with Eve, with Avian and with Eve again and again.
 “Seriously, Avian!” West screamed, cradling his jaw in his hand.  “Enough with beating the crap out of me!  We get you don’t want anyone messing with your woman!” 
“Quit acting like a dick and I wouldn’t have to,” Avian growled, his blue eyes ablaze.
I am so happy that humanity finally won! Everyone knew they would!!!The humans won over the machine.... But until they got to that point many fights will be fought and many losses will come, which is the worst part. But it's great to see in the end everyone happy and moving on with their robot free life's.
 We were few, but we would stand together until the end.
This Trilogy was fantastic. It was full of adrenaline, romance, funny stuff sometimes and even horror so everyone can have something they like. And all of this together formed and asskicking book with characters that will enter your heart in an heartbeat. If you haven't read this book I would suggest for you to get moving because you won't regret it.

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