Bad Day (Hard Rock Roots, #4) by C.M. Stunich - 5 STARS! Book Review -

December 15, 2013

I HATE C.M. STUNICH! Every single ending kills us!
The Book is a fucking masterpiece! C.M. Stunich kicked some ass when she was done writing the fourth book in the Hard Rock Roots series. It has even more intrigue, passionate moments, awesome action and characters that just don't know when to stop... All of this in a Rock star life including drugs, sex and everything else that will take them to the edge.
Trey is on the hospital.... I was seriously pissed off because I thought they were going to kill my Trey but then everything was well.  But this was a good thing that happened because it kind of brought everyone together. Turner and Naomi because Turner needed help to get pass this and Naomi was the one thing that would help him forget. America is also going to reveal some really badass secrets that she's been hiding. And Trey's near death experience also is going to tell us who is messing with our guys and girls and why!!
Naomi is fucking indecisive. She's pushing Turner away for most of the book because she thinks that: 1º he isn't going to last with her because of his womanizer ways and 2º because she has to many demons to deal with... Damn, I wanted to shake her and tell her to open her eyes, but then I would probably go to the hospital with a broken nose... She's one of the strongest character that I've ever read of and this book is going to open her eyes in many ways and finally make her believe that Turner is with her to stay because they were meant to be!
“Go to hell, Turner,” I say when what I really mean is I love you.
Turner is a motherfucker! Seriously, just when I think that the guy will keep his mouth shut there he goes again and enters an argument with Naomi... and this goes on and on and on (not that I care because their arguments are fucking HOT!). But, this guy is really going to suffer a blow in the book. His best friend on the hospital, Naomi giving him the cold shoulder and Dax getting closer to Naomi... Man, I would have exploded by now but Turner is used to fighting for what he wants and he's going to fight the harder than he's ever fought before. He's Amazing and if you never noticed that before you will now.
 Turner's like an M&M or some shit; it's impossible to eat just one. Now that I've had a taste, I want all the colors. I kind of hate myself for it.

Dax is a bitch (like Turner likes to call him). I always liked him but now screw him. He's really going to try and ruin Turner's relationship with Naomi in here and even manages to sneak in a kiss but he can't be compared to the real man. Just saying.
He's no Turner Campbell, but the kiss is different than anything I've ever felt before. It's like kissing death, but in a good way. Like having a bite of that final rest, tasting soothing comfort and reassurance. I swipe my hand across my mouth and glare.
This book is a whole team effort. They all will unite to find the guy that's screwing with their heads and it's going to be amazing to read about! We all know that they all are very difficult to deal with but now imagine them all together closed in a small house for safety... It will be amazing! The arguments and the fighting's will little by little cease to exist and then they will just unite their strength. It's kind of cute.
Bad Day is fucking perfection.

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