The Echoes of Love by Hannah Fielding Book Review!!

January 22, 2014

NetGalley 360 pages
Published December 6th 2013 by London Wall Publishing  

ISBN : 0992671833

Set against the breathtaking beauty of Italy, The Echoes of Love is a passionate, heart-breaking romance to ignite the senses and rekindle your belief in the power of love. 

Seduction, passion and secrets... Venetia Aston-Montagu has escaped to Venice to work in her godmother's architectural practice, putting a lost love behind her. For the past ten years she has built a fortress around her heart, only to find the walls tumbling down one night of the carnival when she is rescued from masked assailants by an enigmatic stranger, Paolo Barone. 

Drawn to the powerfully seductive Paolo, despite warnings of his Don Juan reputation and rumours that he keeps a mistress, Venetia can't help being caught up in the smouldering passion that ignites between them. When she finds herself assigned to a project at his magnificent home deep in the Tuscan countryside, Venetia not only faces a beautiful young rival but also a sinister count and dark forces in the shadows (Who's the dark forces? I still don't get it... ), determined to come between them. Can Venetia trust that love will triumph, even over her own demons? Or will Paolo's carefully guarded, devastating secret tear them apart forever? 

Book Review: 

OMFG!! (Yes, it's OMFG worthy!!!) I am really surprised right now!!! Just finished this book and the ending made me feel dumb... It's so easy to figure out but it's also something that you see that it's not possible so it doesn't even crosses your mind. I really enjoyed this book and i swear that it will feel like you're in Venice whilst you're reading it... It's THAT nicely written. 

The story itself is really good. Unreal but good. One of the things i didn't liked the most was the story happening in 2000. Or it's happening in the past or in the present, otherwise it just made the book bland for the awesome story behind it. I had a hard time getting into the book because it's too much at first... It's too many descriptions, way too many words for one simple thing and too many clichés - Like Venetia getting robbed and BAM mystery guy comes along and saves her or how Paolo instantly falls in love with her - which now i understand why but in the beginning makes no sense and could be spaced out more... But when you get used to this type of story telling is so much easier to read the whole book in one sitting!! And you will, because the rest of the story is sneaky as hell and completely amazing with all the secrets that will drive you crazy!

I loved the characters and the author did a beautiful work building them slowly and introducing them in a really mysterious way that just left me begging for more. They were so different from each other creating so many clashes to spice everything up. I loved them. 

Venetia was an independent woman that supported this philosophy "i-don't-need-any-man-to-support-me-or-i-don't-need-to-be-married-to-succeed-in-life"... And i support her fully!! She was so strong with a really hard past that i really enjoyed reading about, though i admit she really pushed my nerves sometimes because she's so independent but it's like she can't defend herself and always needs Paolo to do it for her...

Warning: Paolo is one of the mysteries that will only be solved in the final pages and if i was him i would have kicked Allegra to the curb ages ago. My god, this guy can be naive as hell. I did not like him as much as Venetia, but he did have his charming ways.... Such  as being super romantic (seriously, i never met a more romantic character) and having really drool worthy quotes. But he's a character that i found really hard to understand and to like.

I didn't know who Hannah Fielding was before this book but trust me that I DO NOW! I will definitely will be on the lookout for more of her books because The Echoes of Love promised and delivered and when i need a really good romantic story and need to travel i just have to go to Hannah FIelding's books and BAM!

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