Searching For Someday (Searching For, #1) by Jennifer Probst. Book Review FINALLY!!!

January 24, 2014

ebook, 384 pages
Published November 26th 2013 by Simon and Schuster

ISBN 1476744971

Kate has given up on love—at least for herself. She is both blessed and cursed with the ability to sense a romantic connection between two people—a gift that her family passed down for generations. When Kate launches her own matchmaking company, Kinnection, with her two best friends in a cozy New York town, she has to put aside her own romantic disasters to make her business a success.

But when a furious man stalks into her office and accuses her business of being a scam, Kate is given the ultimate challenge to prove herself. Slade puts himself in her hands and asks Kate to find him love. Enraged at his arrogance but stubbornly eager to prove herself, Kate agrees, dedicating herself to the journey of finding him love...only to find herself falling for him along the way.

Book Review:

I think i'm in love!!!! Searching for Someday is a beautiful start to a new series that will surely melt our hearts. I never read anything by Jennifer Probst but i did heard she was kind of a matchmaker made in heaven and hells yes she is! Slade and Kate are probably one of the sweetest, most unlikely-to-happen-no-way-in-hell couples EVER which makes everything DOUBLE THE FUN!

The book is so simple and minimalistic but it really can portray so many feelings, so many emotions that it amazed me. It isn't a book that you will cry over (unless you're a really sad person) but you see yourself in the characters and connect with some situations of our daily life. The story may be simple but this touch of Magic that Kate has adds so much emphasis to everything and just makes the story exciting. And not to mention that this Book is super funny with a lawyer versus a matchmaker in a relationship... Yap, it's bound to be a hard road...
Yeah, a matchmaker and a divorce lawyer. That’s got success written all over it
Kate has this gift that allows her to always match the right people for Life and all i can say is that i am extremely jealous... She's just a simple character that through simple words and gestures she can say SOO much and i got to see that she's kind and generous but has that Spark that always ignites when Slade is around!!! Oh, and i loved to see her stutter when she's nervous... it's so cute.

Slade is a skeptic in matchmaking that only went to that Kinnections to prove that it was a fraud. (You sneaky little man) But instead got out of there with a mate for life and that was funny to see because we got that evolution from a work driven, cold lawyer to a caring and dedicated lover. OH yeah and he's hot as fuck. 
He was in love with Kate.
The knowledge sank in and tore at his flesh like talons. No. Not possible. He didn’t believe in love, or at least not in love that lasted. She’d wreck him to pieces and make his existence a mess. She’d turn him upside down and inside out and never stay in the carefully drawn lines of his life
Okay, Jennifer Probst just Blew my mind with only 384 pages... She can do SO MUCH WITH SO LITTLE! Now i just have to wait patiently (freaking out already) for the next book and hope that it's as good as this one, which is a hard thing to beat.

*Ebook provided by Netgalley in return of an honest review*

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  1. I loved this book, too! While reading it, I felt like watching a romantic comedy movie. I sooo want to see this being filmed. :D

    1. I know, right!? It would be so good to see this in a movie :)


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