Where Demons Fear to Tread (The Company of Angels 1#) by Stephanie Chong

December 27, 2012

I'm so glad i got to read this book because it was so different from the other books about angels. I admit that the story could have been more developed but in a way that's what made the story more interesting, it's rawness and joyful soul.
We have Julian a two-hundred-and-fifty-year-old archdemon with it's addicting looks, who is used to getting exactly what he wants. What he doesn't expect is a young stubborn girl, who is also an angel... he wants to corrupt her and take her in to the pit of damnation, after all he does that everyday and it's nothing new. He likes to destroy the mind of young and beautiful girls. Make them believe in love and then leave. That's what feeds is demonic hunger for power and his rise in the food chain of hell. For years he had prayed to god but that hadn't helped him when he most needed, not when is mother died for sure. But suddenly he started prying to the other side and it gave him results. Benefits. The only higher force that gave a crap. Now he doesn't want to answer to nobody but the prince of hell himself.
Serena St.Clair died a year ago in a car accident but she died a hero after saving an entire family of the same destiny. She's an angel destined to protect and to lead people into they're right paths. Now she is the protector and yoga instructor of the sensation of Hollywood Nick. Son of two artists that don't care about him. He's needy and troubled being involved with drugs and prostitutes he's also easily influenced, that's why he needs someone to guide him, to bring him peace.
They both want him but also they are what the other doesn't need and when she agrees to spend a week with him in the city of sin, Las Vegas, he will do everything to make her fall.
In the story i think both characters give so much to it's success, they're personalities may not be so strong but together they can bring a smile into everyone and make us want more. This paranormal romance has it all. The stark difference between the good and the evil that are played by the main characters, the vices of a mad man and the influences of the wrong type of people.
She hated him. She loved him. He was unbearable. He was addictive.
The thing that brought up my attention as well was that Stephanie puts so much reality in the secondary characters and that's what makes the story have a world of it's own. It's the angels and the demons. The choices they are given, after all a demon cannot be redeemed. Can it?

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