Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

December 23, 2012

Eighteen year-old Harper is now leaving The base in which she spent all of her life to go to college. She will leave her Dad "Sir" and all of her former friends. In College she is introduced to a new world of parties and Boys, will get  piercings and a  provocative wardrobe thanks to her best friend Bree, and will fall almost immediately for two guys. One a Senior and Another a Freshman. Chase and Brandon.
Technically she meets Chase first and an attraction surges between them, but she is new and she has no experience in all boys thing and he is all danger and Tattoos. He is a sweet Casanova and she knows that even if she let him get closer he would never stay with her for long enough without having to go back to his "tramps".
And then Comes Brandon the next day. A caring and sweet boy from the beginning that has this cute little dimple on his face when he smiles. She is swept of her feet and from there they begin dating each other.
Chase doesn't like to see his girl with another man and although he accepts it he will not let it rest.
From now and them the rest of the story is filled with twists and turns that made my head dizzy. I tell you that no one can fall a sleep without the need to finish the book at once.
Harper is a confusing character trough out the book, in one moment she wants something and in another she changes her thoughts with the blink of an eye.
The story goes for about an year and it's a lot similar to "Beautiful disaster" which made me like it but still it had parts that were unbelievable stupid or frustrating. I will tell you, the story is perfectly fine and you can tell what's happening and then it hits you. In that paragraph you will never see the big thing coming. I was so sad...
I had mixed feelings trough this, it seemed that everyone loved to fast and too much our girl Harper. The way that she got a  new family and suddenly they all begun asking her to call them dad and mom and to move in. It was kind of unreal. The way all of the guys also begun to be obsessed with her and suddenly everybody loves her to death, makes me think it was all for the sake of saying how much Harper is beautiful and wonderful by giving her to much and to get the younger girls attracted to this tale.  And it worked for me for about a minute but then it just lost it's appeal. It seemed like a normal story that eventually it could happen to normal people but then it can't. it's very rare to make connections that special so suddenly but every single person she finds it's like that.
 Also the way Chase speed though the book, you almost don't even get a change to meet him and like him. it's like the author already had a favorite candidate. And Brandon is like perfect. They are all described perfectly and it makes us fall in love with this tattooed and muscled boys. The family problems, the teenage troubles and sudden surprises makes you adore this book to death. ...pun intended...

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