A Brush of Darkness /Abby Sinclair 1#) by Allison Pang

December 27, 2012

The man of her dreams might be the cause of her nightmares
Seriously? A Perv/Talking Unicorn?  That's some serious imagination Alyson pang has. The story was so original  and with so many different tales and creatures that were involved that i had to take a pause each 10 pages just to imagine it. it was so entertaining and really humorous. 
Abby is definitely a heroine i want to follow. She was a former dancer that now was prohibited to dance due to her seizures. The way that she deals with her problems and with her mother's death on top is incredible. She is not pitiful, she's a fighter. But she's stupid, to heroic and a bit clueless....
Touchstones? Never heard of it until this book and definitely going to look out that story. The way Allison brought this tale and described all the scenes is fantastic. She puts you in the scene  and makes you live it and feel it all the way.
This book made me want so much more. It was not enough i feel like the story was cut short...
I loved the bad guy and the way he was able to hide himself trough the story behind another character trough the book all because of a favor. it was really innovating the way it was being used to arm the main character, and Brystion? Oh my Gog.
Brystion is like great in a totally not real way. His character was FAKE nothing in it made me feel like his personality could be real or just new... Which was one of the things i also didn't like in the book. I felt has if they're problems has "friends of benefits" were a bit old  and i would like to have seen something with a little more imagination.

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