Reflected in You by Sylvia Day

December 18, 2012

--5 Stars--

I love how the book starts just where it ended and Wasted no time with that lame introductions telling us what we already know. The beginning  is clean and simple and very Hot starting with our lead Male alpha Gideon. Oh i did missed him very much. But there is some tension between the couple due to the trust issues they face during they're last fight.
Eva and Gideon are a damaged couple. But this time they have a counselor. It will be fun to read that.
The book approaches loads of the questions i had when finished "Bared to you". Including Gideon's troubled past life of when he was a kid and the story he never wants to share. We will finally get him to open up and share all of his secrets and mistakes. An we will try to fix him.
 They are such a wrong couple in so many other aspects. But that's how we like them right? It wouldn't be fun to watch them separably.
Honestly i put off reading "Reflected in You" just because i knew once i started reading it would be an emotional wreck and i was right. They are both idiots in my opinion. They need to be together 24/7 which is not healthy but it seems that the more people tell them that, the more they ignore it. They can't see that the world does not evolve around them as a couple. They need to relax around each other. They use sex as a mean to resolve problems, as a weapon against each other. Also the jealousy in insane.
Eva Surprised me in the story, i think she finally got a voice and started to speak up for herself. She became a strong person. She became the woman she wanted to be. She got a Make Over and a new confidence which i found appropriate. An Ex is coming to town and i think he will make a big appearance in the next book, But for now he will make Gideon nuts. Ghosts from the past will come back and taunt her as well. One very awful monster which i liked to have seen approached more slightly in the story. But it worked out. She will need all of her strengths to deal with all of this story from the beginning.
Gideon. I have lost count of the times he's accused of cheating trough out the book but he deserved it. He is no saint and doesn't make Eva's life any easier. He shadows her every movement past the point of stalking.
 He's such an intense character and with the new Asshat mood accompanied he is almost too much to bare.
His personality goes from controlling to sweet and possessive to loving, he's mysterious and regal and  he knows he needs Eva and loves her so much that he doesn't know how to act on it. He would die and KILL for her, she is everything he wants.... Do i need to say more.?
Sylvia Day gave us burning passion. Hate. Fun. Power. And most importantly she gave us a book filled with the New York city life and all it's glam. Beautifully damaged characters that warm our heart. Awesome friend s. A murder scene and a bunch of ass kicking.

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