Crimson Frost (A Mythos Academy Novel) by Jennifer Estep

January 02, 2013

The book starts off with Logan and Gwen's date being ruined by Gwen herself and a few coffee's and the protectorate. The law enforcement guys of the school that claim that Gwen has to be dated guilty of letting Loki free.
From that moment on the real story begins and let me tell you that blood and fighting are things that you will see plenty off. Scene with the Reapers, a very scary interrogation with a very scary animal and loads of love from the friends and Logan.
I really enjoyed the book. It was fast passed and very interesting. I always enjoyed Jennifer Estep's writing because it never gets old or boring there is always someone you don't count on to ruin your day (yap it will be someone you don't see coming).
The love interest. There is no love triangles and i am so happy for it because the relationship of Gwen with Logan is perfect the way it is though i had wished they had dated earlier because it took half of the book for them to be considered a couple. But aside form that they are a very real and awesome couple to read of, with Logan's teasing and Gwen's remarks... 
That’s why I was head over heels for the Spartan. Logan could be everything from fun and flirty to stubborn and infuriating, but then he went and said things like that. Was it any wonder I had such a massive crush on him?
 I was about as charming as a wet sock.
The story adds a very interesting character that i am looking forward to know better. Alexei a Russian and very handsome member of the protectorate and a third year student as well as Gwen's Bodyguard. He is very guarded and very hot as well already developing a love interest and no it won't be Gwen it will be someone far more interesting to see.
I was a dangerous Reaper criminal. His job was to watch me, not talk to me.
Wee see a lot of Vic mainly because the story is action packed but also because it will help contribute to the mood of war they are all in and help  brighten the mood with all his witty remarks and LET'S KILL THE REAPERS talk every time he opens his mouth.
  Aside from that The scenarios and ambient are incredible well described and vivid, all the other thing such the truth serum and the jewels with it's powers to the ass kicking scenes. Also you can expect twists and turns at every corner.
The characters is what makes this book be worth reading and rereading because everyone contributes to the story it's not just Gwen. All the Valkyries and Amazons and the Spartans and Bogatyrs. The professor and adults in general. and Nickamedes is really is my favorite character at the moment and i didn't liked him before.
The end leaves us in a very bad humor but looking forward for the next book....

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