This Is Not a Test by Courtney Summers

October 10, 2012


It's the end of the world and six students are trapped inside they're school and it takes only one bite to be  a flesh eating monster.
This is not an average zombie book, it's not all full of action and attacks, it's more to see the capability of a person to deal with they're problems.

Sloane that not only six months her world was upside down and nothing stops her now of trying to get rid of her burden and just end her life. Though she wished her death, the people she's stuck with are going to change her mind.

The guy that loved her lost sister.

The guy who she's never gave too much attention but becomes her confident.

Brother and Sister who just recently lost they're parents and want revenge.

And a boy who is nothing but an innocent child and matters to no one

All of the story happens in the school save the last chapter. It's cool the way everything is told by Sloane and you can see the way she's damaged since her sister ran off without her.  She had to stay with an abusive father, who died in the book the good old way, and she hopes that her sister may still be alive and well, though the suicide note she carries in her pocket may be the reason she may not last to see her again.
We have suicides, lots of fighting verbally and physical. The temper is about to get steamier.
If you like to think of the problems, fall for all the characters and learn they're stories at the same time this is the book for you. And yes it does have a bit of action as well!!!

And isn't the cover to die for? So beautiful and well done. If  it's Sloane, the expression of the character is awesomely done.

This book is sweet, innocent, hot and scary.  4.2 stars

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