Breaking Sin (sin series) by Teresa Mummert

October 26, 2012

4.o stars.


Sinthia wants to escape college unscathed and move on with her plans for a perfect life, but an unlikely friendship with Collin, the resident bad-boy, makes her rethink what she wants.

It's a very small description i know but so is the book with only 190 pages.  Can you believe it? I really enjoyed it so when it ended it was sad.
It makes you smile, it makes you frown , it makes you go like "Oh God Why?"  but it makes you love them as well.
Thought it's small, so very small, it has a big story. It's fast paced  and a little rushed you see they're stories in a blur, weeks later later, five years later ...
Anyhow. No it doesn't have any sin in the stories. The girl is named Sin, thanks to Collin...
Oh Collin green eyes and dark hair..... And so very yummy with abs (of course) and a smile that is to die for.

Then you have Beef (Sin laugh every time she says is name) is supposedly is a family name. not.

Then you have Jake who is like a brother to her and protects her and at last
Taylor her bff. kind of. She likes to party and to sleep of with boys.
Sin is great, a bit naive, but cute and interesting at some points.

So the book shows a relationship growth from a girl that only barely has a friend (girl) and just by going out one night suddenly is inside a group that is very reckless, everything that Sin is not. She starts by being they're Wingman  and getting the girls for the boys but she and Collin start to grow near each other and she wants it to stop. Because never in a million years he would be the kind of guy you would bring home to your mother at least not in Sin's standards.
So she finds a new guy. A NERD!  She grows apart from the group and starts dating a guy that never wants to have fun thought he makes the mistake from calling her a slut in front of Collin and the hell comes on us. They break up and more i am NOT going to tell. Partially because the ending is awesome and you have to see what's beyond that part which is totally cute.
It's a book to finish in two-three hours depending.

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