Pack Challenge (Magnus pack 1) by Shelly Laurenston

October 28, 2012

I love a really good heat-steamed, hot, and taunting relationship, so this book blew me away

I give it a good old 4.3 stars.

Zach Sheridan does not want a mate. At all. All he wants is to became the next Alpha male in Magnus Pack and he plans it for now, he's just waiting for the right time to pounce. He despises that idea of a mate until he meets the alluring Sara, her attitude drives him crazy with need though she has no idea that she is a Shifter. He does not want a irresponsible, taunting, loud, crazy girl on his tracks most of all because her hormones are going crazy, her attitudes reckless and all she wants his to have fun and be free.

Sara is an intricate character she is stubborn and likes to talk back, especially to Zach. After a crazy childhood with an even crazier grandmother she is ready to give up, if not for the crazy friends that got her back. Angelina and Nikki. Those three drive everyone of a cliff. They are loud, rude and very sexy to every other male in the pack and in they're little town. They argue and they make up.
 Sara has it full with trouble having to deal with these two, all that she Doesn't need is an all out Bad boy, hot blooded male coming to her rescue or falling for her. She will try to escape though maybe her place is indeed with him. As his MATE.

The book is full of animal on animal fighting, discussions of two soon to be lovers that crash with one another, hot Texan gals and boys and pretty bad boys that will do anything to get what belongs to them....

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