Burn for Burn (Burn for Burn 1) by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

October 09, 2012


I just finish reading this book not five minutes ago and am still overwhelmed  buy the simplicity of the writing that manage to make a swell book (Annie reference).

The book is told by three points of view.

Lillia the cute cheerleader girl who has a charmed life but for the moment that changed her from within. No way will she let the same happen to her little sister.

Kat the misfitted who has a part in the world of drugs who  is tires of the rumors, the insults and the cruel jokes , and does an awesome job fighting with an ex best friend and she's ready to make her pay.

And Mary the former overweight girl now a simple beauty that came to make a guy pay for all that he did to her in the past. She's not the same girl and she's ready to let that show.

It's an awesome light read that will put your head spinning

These three girl are all so very different they are all strong and they all want revenge one one certain tipe of boy or girl.  they never cared much for one another, asides Lillian and Kat who where former friends, but these odd similarities and the need for revenge brought them together in order to form a friendship they praise.
It shows the life of the kids from the rich and  poor type, the ones that take advantage from that and loads of ingenuity. we see guys who hide themselves to be the football star and the slut of a cheerleader  that will do anything to be with him.
The book covers every specif problem and tell the story like it is. the flashbacks really makes us grow fonder of this girls. The vengeance is awesome. let me tell you. The book never has a doll moment and it has all sorts of twists and turn. and the end is so unpredictable.

4/5 stars

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