Until it Hurts to Stop by Jennifer R. Hubbard

October 04, 2013

I don't know how to express my experience with this book because it didn't really worked out for me. It was too annoying sometimes, with nothing going on and the characters seemed lost. They changed their mind time after time, and their personalities weren't the best. Don't get me wrong, this book is great about talking about bullying and what it does to a young person but it could have been written with a bit more of Wit. Too bad, I had really high expectations...
Maggie was a bullying victim. She is quite well written because you can read and feel all about her experience with the worse types of bullying, the name-calling, the hitting and the laughing... It's all there and it all left a mark on her. You can see her as this shy girl who's very insecure about herself right until the end, it's like there is no evolution... But I liked that when she hiked you got a brand new Maggie, a more interesting one who wasn't afraid. As for personality she was quite selfish and annoying and sometimes even forgetting that other people DID have a life besides her own... That bothered me a lot.
Nick was blah... He was good as a supporter and friend. But other wise? Bland. Nice, and that's all.
It was quite obvious that these two liked each other, but oh well. And since no one decided to bring that up until the last pages I am an not going to address it either.
The "best friends" were really mediocre and could have been far better if they would been more developed... Like Louis and Sylvie... They could be great characters and really elevate the book!
To all the bullies out there! Suck it!
Generally? I liked the book but didn't wowed me. It's a good book especially targeted to bullying that will get you thinking and make you want to help and act against those people, but asides from that.... Normal.

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