Shards of Us by K.R. Caverly... Confused Review?

October 13, 2013

Can I just start by saying that I am very confused about this? I don't know whether to love it or hate it... I'm just lost. This book can be stupid one second and deceiving the next, so it's really hard to say anything for sure ... I'm at loss for words. Shards of Us really is unique. Let me tell you that you have NO BOOK that will equal this. It will seriously make you go bonkers...


 Right from the start we meet this two characters: Sebastian (Not his real name) and Crystal (Her name is quite annoying to me, I don't know why...). So you have an instant curiosity to see why they are meeting at an hotel and why they rent a room but then don't really do anything asides talking and sleeping... Seems unusual. And then when you learn their three rules:

1- No Sex
2- No personal Question
3- No leaving the room until morning

And you go even more crazy wanting answers... Seriously? Then one day Angel (AKA: Crystal) breaks rule number three and their normal routine breaks and she's suddenly thrown into a world where she will have to learn how to survive.
I'm his diamond.  
His angel.  
And he's my savior.
Badass start right? YES. Too bad that from that moment on it starts to go downhill. Then the story is predictable... Sebastian has a secret, that everybody with the minimal brain capacity can figure out. His secret involves two people that it's just too dam easy to find out who they are.  And he's suddenly being chased down by some really mean men because of something he did... Well duh... Drug Cartel... And he seems to want Crystal to be locked up for her "safety" even though if there was a fire she wouldn't have a way to get out of the house and she would die, or if the bad guys got there and Sebastian didn't surprisingly showed up... Guess what? Yeah, she would die as well.

Okay normally I really like bad guys with the regret issue and all, but Sebastian really was Annoying. He took any chance to make a love declaration in every page... It was boring. "Angel, you are here to save me. Angel, I am no good for you. Angel, don't fall in love with me. Angel, I won't destroy you"... And then guess what happens? He's a liar... Shocker. Right after he's saying all of that Repeatedly he goes and sleeps with her... Oh boy. He was just always complaining... How can anybody like a guy like that? His character didn't do anything for the book... And what's with the bowtie? In the middle of a fight I'm am pretty dam sure the bowties must be SO comfortable... NOT.
"Who are you, Sebastian?"  
He pushes me away, ever so gently. "I'm no one. I'm the man you can never want." Sebastian turns away at that and heads to the door, shaking his head back and forth and back and forth. "You don't want me, angel," he repeats quietly. "Trust me on that."
Crystal was flat out an idiot. In the start she's a victim and I think that she's going to be interesting.... but then she screws me over. And then when I am about to forgive her for falling in love with someone who keeps her locked up she goes and disappoints me again... And in the end? When I am loving her for doing all that she should do, she goes and fucks me over again... Seriously? Not cool Crystal...

Marcus was the only thing that gave me hope in the characters... The Drug Lord... Yes, he was the best thing in here by far... So forgive me if I threw the book on the floor and then at the wall, after the ending he got.  So not fair... He should have succeeded!!!
"I will teach you. But I should have you know"--he moves his face closer to mine, so his mouth is right on my cheek, and I feel his hot breath on my lips--"I am here to control you. Sebastian wants to save you, but I don't think you need to be saved, Crystal. I think you need to be broken, to feel everything, and I want to be the one to break you. Sebastian wants to love you. I want to own you.
So you ask me... What did you liked about this book? Hum... the story was really well played out and even thought most of the things were predictable it was still pretty darn good. Definitely a book worth reading but without any major expectations... And the cover is AMAZING!!!

Shards Of Us is like when you have a relationship and the only way to explain it to people is using the word complicated... So it's definitely LOVE/HATE book.

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