Torn (Connections, #2) by Kim Karr Review

October 09, 2013

Kim Karr showed us in the previous book and it wowed me that she created the best, most personal moments filled with magic, all because she really knows how to pick the right songs to every kind of emotion.  And in Torn it's no different, it's still special and it's still fucking amazing! I would totally love to have this author playlist!

After many desperate months awaiting for the next book in the Connection series it's finally here, and I finished it with a bittersweet feeling. I loved it because it was just perfect and it had all that I wanted to really happen, but at the same time it made me go bonkers at every character.

Dahl is so awesome. From the start she was portrayed as the girl who lost her family, who lost her boyfriend and basically had nothing left. But then she put on a brave face and put herself back together which was when she met River. And then it showed us how she moved pass the loss of her boyfriend and learned to relay on River for her future. Connected spun around that concept and left us with a cliffhanger, but now it will develop much more!

Torn gave me the shills... It was that good!!!

Ben is alive.... Pause for gasp and or short breathing.... Hell's yes, I was dead when the last pages announced this bomb in Connected, but now? Fuck no Ben, go home!!! You dickhead. It was as his whole purpose was to screw with everyone's mind, and hurt River. NOBODY HURTS RIVER!!!  I liked that whole complexity that it gave to the story but he really messed with my patience. He was beyond mean!
 Needing some air, I roll down the window and hear Ben yell, “You filled a void when I wasn’t here, but you’re no substitute for the real thing.”
 Dahlia is so much stronger and much surer of what she wants and how she wants it, that she's so much pleasant to read about. Seriously, I cannot get sick of her. It's as if she's always making the right decisions and even if you don't agree with her you have to love her and support her because she's that nice and cute. A character like her it's really hard to find, someone that motivates you and inspires you...
 “Mine always,” he whispers, nipping my earlobe with his teeth.  
“Yours forever,” I breathe, burying my head in his neck.
Jealousy alert? River is a mad dog in here. Seriously, he will trash about everything he will get his hand on. But that's good because it's nice to hear him go bonkers over Dahl. Its hot. And it shows us just how much he cares...  Who doesn't like Rock Stars for eff's sake! I know I love them and River is one of the best ones out there! The songs he has in this book, the lyrics are perfect... Swoon worthy really...

Dahl and River are hot, hot, hot! It's as if they have a need to prove their feelings by consuming each other and leaving US readers breathless... But they are going to have so many obstacles that they will have to go trough, because secrets will blow up and there will be fears and people putting them self between them. So it will be complicated for these two... But they are made for each other.... It was love at first sight....
 “You left me a fucking note that you were going to see the man you spent your whole life with. The man you left me for the first time we met. The man whose ghost I have had to compete with every day of our lives together.”
 Gracie and Xander are definitely my favorites... They were so needed as confidents or just as friends... Even though one of them is going to have a sad end I loved their participation on the book and without them it wouldn't be half as good.

Torn is just the killer book we needed to start the month... It's strong and precise, and it's heartbreaking and wild. Kim Karr created a story that revolved around the power of music and love and that showed anyone who does not believe in true love that sometimes it's possible. And when it happens, it's beautiful....

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