Premeditated by Josin L. McQuein Review. Perfect book for a Monday.

October 21, 2013

Holly Hell, my mind just did a double cartwheel. Premeditated is all about raging vengeance, the kind where you want to take your time to make it even sweeter. I am smitten to the book and to Dinah, she's so unique like the book and both will keep you interested long after the last page.
Still she haunts me phantomwise,  
Alice moving under skies  
Never seen by waking eyes.

I don't know why I haven't heard of this genius named Josin L. McQuein and of her amazing world building and making motivated, unique characters and join it all together in an amazing story. It's just great. The book is fast with the right amount of information to not make it boring and it has always something happening to keep us hanging. Just when I though that this personas couldn't get more inventive with their revenge or even with their feelings... the book blows up in my face.

Dinah is the most motivated and impulsive girl I have ever heard of. She has a goal of avenging her cousin and she gives all she's got to make it the best revenge she could get, all throughout this she feels load of emotions like despair, sadness and anger and we get to feel them all.

Brooks (The suspect and vengeance victim). I had a hard time believing it would be him the "bad guy" the minute we started to get more glimpses of him because he's the type of guy that just cares about everyone else too much to even think of harming someone. It wasn't right. I think this deserves an OMG because he suffered so much with this revenge.... Seriously, poor guy.
Retribution would come, carrying Justice on her shoulders. Until then I’d wait and pretend I’d be there to catch Brooks if he really did need someone to lean on. He wouldn’t know it was a lie until he hit the floor.
I wish I had friends like the ones in the book! They are badass, they know how to pickpocket and some are even con artists. Really? How fair is that? They are by far the more entertaining and helping friends in the whole literary world!

The culprit was pretty obvious during the curse of the story but it still shocks you when you truly find him out.

Premeditated was amazing. I am going to sit somewhere and think this story over because the ending was just too much for my head. But it was kind of perfect!

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