Bold Tricks (The Artist Trilogy, #3) by Karina Halle. Review + Fav Quotes + Weird Rambling...

October 17, 2013

The Artists Trilogy was always my knockout series and now that it's over I feel so sad!! I love this stories, love Javier and Ellie and even Camden... Karina Halle had to end this book with a bang and she did it!!! Bold Tricks is exactly what the tittle says. It will take all of our dear characters to their edge whilst adding some serious car chases, heavy shootings, a bit of blackmail and we will get to see Ellie in her con artist scene!!! Amazing and Mind blowing!
Yes. Yes. Yes. When I finally did the book I have to say that I kind of freaked out a tiny bit... Okay, maybe I freaked out a lot. And it may have involved some girly screaming and weird dance moves... But who can blame me! Look At this freaking cover! It's beautiful...
Is it normal that I feel slightly mad in spite of this ending? It's just that I had so many expectations for this final book and suddenly I finish it and don't feel like the end did justice to Javier and Ellie. Don't get me wrong, I loved it to bits but I think that a book that's this damaged could have had a bit more of drama in the end, not the usual boring thing...  But asides from that I could not have begged for a more perfect book!
The action here was crazy! This book has the most amazing action scenes ever. Karina Halle does an impressive job at making us feel like we are inside the book. She works with our adrenaline and slowly drives us crazy. Seriously, I don't know how many scares I caught by believing someone had died and in the end their were more than okay!!! Karina is one of the best writers for sure!
No, not again. I am seriously not liking the ending that Javier got stuck with. Nor am I happy with some of the actions taken against him. This book was so unfair for Javier and like I said in the previous review, he didn't even had a chance with Ellie because it was already set up who she was going to end up with. Even though Camden was a moody bitch the entire time.... No, this is not okay with me... He's a good guy, he just needs the right person to bring it out of him and that's Ellie, she just doesn't give him a chance. She never truly did... But moving on, Javier was the best in here... He was still dark and moody, but so sweet and with that Spanish flair that only he gets to have... You know what I mean ^.^... He's just Hot and a fantastic character that I am drooling over as I'm typing.
 Deep in his insanity, he was making some sense. That’s what I hated most about Javier, that there was always a kernel of truth to his words, a truth that made you fall for the lies.
 It wasn’t long until we came to a very high, very round building done up in pinks, oranges and blues.  
“It’s like the coliseum on Gay Pride Day,” Camden commented. 
“You would know,” Javier sniped.
Camden was not working for me... Neither his love declarations that were way to cheesy.  Seriously? I though he could do better and until the first book he fooled me, but now? No more.... I just don't see him being the right person for Ellie because he hasn't got the edge she needs to thrive... For Camden I would say that this was a pretty successful book... He was certainly more dangerous and finally could shoot and HIT the target instead of just pretending... How sweet... I thought he was very well played out throughout the book and I'm kind of impressed about how much he improved.
With the blood smeared on his face, dripping down onto the tats that teased at his neck, he was 100% man. I just wished he was 100% mine.
 He was all fire and hard angles. “I love you,” he said, his voice gruff. “And I’ll have you. Keep you. Own you. You belong to me, only to me, from now on.”
Ellie, my sweet Ellie. Sweet my ass!!!! She's an Ass kicker and I am so proud of her!! This was her best book by far! I still think that she should have proceeded as a Con Artist but oh well. This book was certainly a turning point for her because so many secrets were found. Secrets that involve her and her family that will leave you speechless. But in the end her motivation and resistance make her a five start worth girl!
 On one side of me was Camden McQueen, on the other was Javier Bernal. One more light than dark, one more dark than light. Both men had come for me. Both men had loved me. And both of them I had seriously underestimated.
 My goodness this book was HOT as HELL! You can feel the sexual tension between Ellie and Camden by far and the hot scenes? Hotter than never!
The Artist Trilogy is without a doubt in my ALL TIMES FAVORITES list and I am so sad to see their story go. So this is definitely a must read to everyone!!! It's like if you haven't read this book, you aren't in the cool kids table!! And the cool kids in this case are all the ass kickers like Ellie... Just saying ... 

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