Secret Unleashed (Secret McQueen, #6) by Sierra Dean... !!!Secret Review!!!

October 19, 2013

Without a doubt the best damned book in this series so far! It was Exciting and Enthralling. Sexy and  Scary as hell. Perfect! Secret Unleashed is Crazy, with Secret facing family and the ever-present choice between a Smokin' Werewolf and a Sexy Vampire, plus throw in another ex-boyfriend/mate Werewolf wanting her back and a maniac playing doctors and you're done...
This Type of stories that manage to get to the sixth book often may get a boring and repetitive but Sierra Dean has none of that! She's unique in her way of writing so she makes every book feel special. Managing to bring us a different story in each book with lots of danger, brand new enemies and problems with a whole lot of feel. This book will for sure chance the way you see some of the character because I found myself hating some of my all time favorites.
Just when Secret thinks that having to be in hiding is bad enough, now she's being send off to L.A like a bad child after bringing down an entire apartment complex. Even though it wasn't her fault. Is she okay with that? No, but at least she was sent there with a chore: Find a vampire that everyone thinks has gone rogue and a artifact that does a lot more than anyone wants her to know. Too bad that the vampire is her father.... And that Holden is her shadow and he's making her rethink her three month celibacy choice. And in her Quest Secret is about to find out that maybe humans aren't as defenseless as they look, and one guy is about to break her.
This is what I Love about Secret, just when you think that there is nothing MORE that she can get herself into she goes and manages to get yet another person wanting to kill her. It's a part of her I learned to love... Only if she managed to close her mouth or respect someone who warns her not to do something... But if that was the case we wouldn't have such an adrenaline filled book nor that many interesting enemies wanting to take down this tiny blonde that can kick your ass in a minute...
This is the Secret we have in this book.
In Secret Unleashed she pushes her boundaries to the limits.... We all know that she has an imminent threat over her head yet she treats that as if it were nothing, but that's typical Secret. She is braver than never and she's going to go pass trough things that will shock you and that  made this book one of the hardest on her.
Can I just Say that Sig is the cutest thing ever. Before I wouldn't have even dared to call Sig cute but this book changed how I see him and now for sure I see the care and worry over Secret. and now we will know why as well. He's still hot and impossible but my viewing of him was definitely altered after I finished the book.
 I knew he cared about me in a weird, twisted way. My death would upset him. It would inconvenience him. And Sig didn’t like to be inconvenienced.
FYI I am still hoping for a Threesome relationship between Holden, Secret and Desmond... And maybe add in Lucas and wouldn't it be the coolest thing ever? Hell yes, I support it!
A heart can only be divided so many times before the pieces stop feeling anything. How many times can yours be divided?”
Is it too bad that I like Lucas and kind of wanted him to be more present in the book? I know that he leaving Secret in the alter was bad but we see his desperation over not having his mate by his side... And it makes me feel sorry for him. Besides with the mind blowing kiss that they are going to be sharing in here (Ups.) it's difficult for me to hate Lucas!
 They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. That goes quadruple for a woman stood up on her wedding day.
I am seriously not liking Desmond in this book. Sorry but he's too AWOL and always getting into Secret's vampire side. It's killing me because he used to be my number one character/choice for Secret and know I am a bit disappointed with him. I feel like the spark between Des and Secret is mainly gone. Or I just favor Holden too much.
Holden is perfect. Perfect for Secret and a perfect character overall. I literally turn into a love sick teenager when he starts talking because it's humanly impossible to resist his charms or the sexy as hell moments he will share with Secret. This book was so good for him and now I think That Secret can really see who she should choose and just be with Holden.
But it was the faint turn of a smile on his lips that hooked me. Holden had a way of taking the most terrifying situations and twisting them on their heads to distract me from the danger. Either by annoying me so intensely I wanted to murder him, or making me forget there was any risk by charming the pants off me.
 “I watched those dogs circle, watched how they treated you like a toy they could share. No one has ever been good enough for you. No one has loved you the way I’ve loved you.”
Is there a word good enough to describe this book? No, that's what I tried to do with this freakish long review but it's still not enough and it will never be, because this book is AWESOME! Yes, that's still not good enough...

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