Point of Retreat (Slammed 2#) by Colleen Hoover

January 27, 2013

Warning: In the second part of the book you will have a heart attack, Contagious love and crying attacks and a big family that you will LoVe.

This time the story is told by Will's point of view which i though to be very interesting and it didn't disappoint me. it gave the opportunity for us to get to know Will a little further.

This was the perfect Sequel to Slammed. The first book was a must read favorite but this one goes over the charts it was soooo much better. Any book that makes you cry and laugh at the same time deserves a chance at being read and this one is ideal.
Though we have young kids taking care of even younger kids you would expect irresponsibility but no; all the decisions they take in parenting they take them together and sometimes laughing; they teach their brothers the right lessons in always standing up for what you believe and fight for the people you love. They make a dynamic family marked by tragedies but that somehow belong together.
“I know, Lake! From a sibling standpoint it’s really funny,” I say. “But what are we supposed to do from a parent standpoint?”
I loved how the story continued, That Lake and Will take their time in knowing one another, that no one is stupid or irresponsible, that the book approaches true story's that can happen to anyone. It's Real life and it's sad but it's also worth it. It's about being mature and finding love in places where you least expect it. It's unpredictable, it's amazing....
The secondary characters were perfect being so important as the main one. There isn't a person you forget about or feel like it doesn't belong. You create a bond with them and want more and more. We are introduced to a few more characters like a new family, Will's grandparents, two little girls that i think will also be part of the family and Vaughn...
Vaughn is will's ex and she's back. She's there just to disturb the story a bit  and you will fell like hammering her but love always conquers...
We also have our poetry that somehow fits perfectly in here without looking cheesy. While Slamming (and you will see) it will give the opportunity to say things in a way that you normally wouldn't be able to get the true message out. If it's a love poem or a Butterflying one.
Butterfly. It has a big presence in this Butterflying book. I Don't butterflying now how the author came up with this but it's butterflying genius.... I butterflying love her.
This story is a MUST for everyone out there unless you are a cold bastard o.O

"March 2nd, 2012. That’s our day. Mine and Lake’s day."

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