Trust in Advertising by Victoria Michaels

January 20, 2013

I am proud to say that after reading this book i now have a major in marketing.... Most of dialogue of this book is focused on that, too much in my opinion it distracts us from the main point of Lexi and Vincent.
I read loads of reviews before reading this that said that the characters did not have personality and the story was flat. I disagree, there is not variety in everyone's actions  what you first meet is what you get until the end of the book, which made it a bit more predictable and kind of stalling but the story and the concept i think are good starting points. It had an alluring synopsis and a very good demonstration of the crossed star lovers that don't think they are meant to be.
Bad Points:
-We have the classic I don't think he loves me because why would he love a simplistic girl like me?
I don't think she loves me because i am a dickhead and she deserves better. I wanted to smack these two the entire book even after everyone telling them that they are mean to be.
- I hated that Vincent was such a idiot and only came to his senses in the final pages of the book.. No matter if he admitted if he liked Lexi or not he should have broken up with Jade in the first few pages.  I saw Jade as a character that had too much light in the story because without her everyone would be much better...
- Everyone fall for Lexi right away. What's up with that? I get that she's nice and all, but come on! It's kind of fake and forced.

Good points:
-This book had me laughing load of times. It had some decent answers and cat fighting with super sense of humor.
- I liked The secondary character a lot more than the main characters. Don't ask me why but they had somehow more definition and credibility In all of their actions which made them more likable than the others.
-The story has an awesome concept that should be read and shows creativity.
-It has guys in suits. very hot guys.
-Awesome personalities that will make you laugh your ass of.

I liked the book but only as an "read it only if you have nothing else to do".  But taking that off it was fun and witty.

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