Slammed (Slammed 1#) by Colleen Hoover

January 20, 2013

Lake just lost her father so her family has to move to Michigan. There she quickly meets a boy, a boy that also suffer the loss of his family.
Shortly after they meet there is one obstacle. Will is her teacher and just like that their love is prohibited. But it's not like the chemistry will go away that easily
 When she meets him their attraction it's pretty obvious, i was beginning to say "oh now another book that will be predictable". None of that. This was a book that taught
strength, grieve and true love.
There is this poetry club "Club N9NE" they go there to slam. Compete in a poetry showdown in which people can talk about everything and spill their hearts out.
I never liked poetry that much but the way that the author included page long verses it was appropriated to accentuate the feelings felt at the moment. It made the characters believable and strong.
All trough out the book there was not a moment you can think it goes out of the point or becomes boring. It doesn't give you that choice because it stuck's you in that moment and you just have to finish it to see the end. It will enthrall to the point you find yourself caring so much to what happens to them that you will live the book by yourself.
All the character are needed to the course of the story. Eddie (a girl and Lake's best friend), Lake's Mother  or the annoying little brothers of Lake and Will. Everyone is so unique in their personality.
Lake and Will are a modern Romeo and Juliet but they don't die. They understand each other in levels that they can't reach with someone else. They are both scared. They are each other puzzle pieces.
The story is great, it's inspiring in all subjects. Either if it is Cancer or just friendship. Sometimes your family is your friends And sometimes you have to learn to accept fate and just let it roll.
I cried. I admit it. And i never cry in a book. But there was something in this tale that blew me away. The story that combines loss and gain.

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