Night School (Night School 1#) by C.J Daugherty

January 27, 2013

So this was a typical "young girl who doesn't fit in and goes into a mysterious school where two guys fall for her two days later " book.
It wasn't original and the story was very used already but there was some things i liked even so:
-There were loads of funny moments and smart ass answers.
-All the guys seem to be funny and cute.
-She likes Doc Martens... a big PLUS for me.
-We have many fights and people going crazy.
-The cover is cute...
-The writing is very fast paced never letting you deviate from the main goal.
-Allie was very curious which will lead to trouble
-Two boys fighting over one girl.
-Secret's until the end...

Things not so good :
- Some of the characters were kind of dispensable.
-It seemed as if some of the story was there just because.
-Typical two boys for one girl...
-Isabelle was kind of boring.
-Her parents are idiots.
-I wished to see more of her initial friends or even an attempt to escape from the school.

The characters had personality and you could really see it so it made the book more interesting. There is more good things than Bad's so i guess the balance is more positive. Don't get me wrong i loved the whole story and reading about the whole teenagers fighting evil in a secret school but it wasn't a "blew me away" kind of read, it was more "i have nothing to do let's read this pretty book" And in the end go like "Ok next". I will be reading the following book mainly due to Sylvain....

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