Ruining Me (Ruining #1) by Nicole Reed

April 21, 2013

Jay (James) Stevenson is a eighteen year old with a secret she chooses to hide from her family and friends. She knows no one would believe her and she doesn't want to be a pity case. So she shelters herself with local "Bad boy" Rhye who can offer escape trough drugs an booze. But he cheated on her so she can't trust him anymore. Then comes Kane the new bartender, he's tall, dark and handsome, with some really cool tattoos  He wants her for herself and wants to have a future. But is she ready to lay her secrets bare? Then there's JT. Her childhood boyfriend who she has to pretend she's over, but deep down her heart still belongs to him.
Jay is divided between a secret that will come undone and three boys she loves on her own way.
"Can you be bipolar in love?" 
I'm Speechless.  Did what I think happened just happened? Did this book just ended like that? I'm a mess now. I am so confused, I don't know what to think. My heart just broke a little. 

This is a painful book to read. If you are the type of person to grab your characters and feel what they are feeling, like I am, Then if you read this book you're going to be heartbroken. It's so sad.

James is such an inspiring young girl, she may appear week but she fights her demons the best way she knows how. After what happens to her she repels people because she has a plan that will make everybody that loves her suffer. So she acts like a Bitch hopping they will leave her alone and hate her. She starts off like a delinquent and kind of irresponsible girl, using booze and men to take control, but it shows us how much she suffers from all that as well. How she just wants to forget. To lose herself. She's a really well written person, you feel her pain and embrace it, you fight her fights with her and support her, you love her when she's happy and hate her and she's self destructive. 

Kane was the boy I was cheering for. I admit it when i say he's the best for her, he supported her, gave her a reality check, made her face her fears. He is everything she needed right that moment. I loved him, he might be older and more mature than her but he loves her like no one else can. Both of them together was like fire and water, they fought it off but they were meant to be. 
“I’ve never burned for a woman before and all night I burned for you.”
Rhye was amazing as well. I wanted for him to appear more in the story because he really added that something special. He might be rude, he might be bad and under the influences of drugs and booze but he loved her in his own way. He deserved to have more recognition in this Book. 

JT was the perfect guy from the beginning. He's charming, sweet, good boy and soon to be football star. He's perfect, really. But I didn't liked him.  Nor think he was the best for Jay. He loved her i could tell but Jay needs more than love to hold on and I didn't think he was the one who could giver her that. 
“I love you Jay.  I’ve always loved only you.  Please just love me.”
This book has a monster. The ones that haunt us when we are kids. The one under the bed. He's scary and it gave a weary feeling to this story, it shows that even the kindest of people have a dark side that we want to ignore. 

Jay loves these three boys. One the most and two others less, but she does loves them all. It's sad. There will be tears in here, loss and grieving. Fighting and lots of kissing.  This book is not a fairy tale where the princess had a happy ending. This is where the evil witch manages to win. Nicole Reed created a wold of suffering with a flicker of hope, it's damaged and flawless at the same time while still portraying all the drama from High school.

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