Claim Me (Stark Trilogy, #2) by J.Kenner

April 25, 2013

Could the relationship between Nikki and Damien be more torching than in Release Me. Yes! A hundred times more... This is this holy book of secrets between this golden couple, it's where it will all be discovered!! Yay...

I was afraid that many of the questions of the last book would not yet be answered, that Damien still wouldn't share is dark past, but no. Finally in Claim Me there is a new Damien. It's lovely to see how much he cares for Nikki and the lengths he will go to make sure she's Happy (ending spoiler....) but still showing a new level of trust in the relationship they are forging to the future. He learns to share his secrets and trust Nikki not to leave when he does so. It's awesome to see him exposing his worries and show a vulnerable side to the Dark, controlling and Compelling Mr.Stark.

"It’s you, Nikki. You have captured me utterly, and you hold my heart in your hands. Be gentle with it. It’s more fragile than you might think.”

Nikki also improved a whole lot in her way to deal with her problems. She used to cut herself and use the pain to forget, yet now she knows how to control her need. She still needs that little extra  but the pain is no longer her first resource, now she turns to Damien or to just Talk to someone. This girl is strong and she doesn't give in that easily. In Claim Me there is a pressure from all the paparazzi for the "IT" couple and a lack of privacy that will make her want to give up and put a small dent on their relationship, but she sucks it up and behaves like the grown woman she is lifting her chin up high and showing them her best smile. It's a truer Nikki in this book.
"I’ve shaken off Proper Princess Nikki for Rebel Nikki, and it feels pretty damn good."
This was an intense story, between all the arguing and the new things that will come out in the open , it will be a fight for both of them to conquer. There will be tension and lots of unspoken words that will leave our hearts in our hands until last minute, but with Nikki and Damien there is not a word besides Strong that could describe them the best.
“I can’t bear to see you broken. Not when I’m the one who is breaking you.”
There is a few characters that left us wondering in Release me that appeared in the second book like Damien's father and I just hate him even more now or even Ollie's wife that I also dislike very much. But we get to see more of a few friends as well, more of Jamie and her new Hollywood luck, Evelyn and Blaine in their weird couple action and cuteness and Ollie which I'd like to have seen more of.

Between the first and the second book, Claim Me is definitely the better, with more fast cars and spiral emotions and lot more action and character development and most important a FUTURE for Nikki and Damien. <3

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