Release Me (Stark Trilogy, #1) by J.Kenner

April 12, 2013

I've heard many people comparing this book to Bared to you and The fifty shades of grey  and yes it is similar but very different as well. The scenes and the story are very equal even in some situations, party's and actions, but i felt as if this girl was more raw making this story somewhat more personal.

Nikki is damaged after having to grow up with a mother who accepted nothing less than perfect, perfect pageant queen to chose a rich guy to marry and live the perfect American dream as a stay at home wife. Not Happening. Nikki likes science and hard work, she wants challenges and likes to have to not count the Carbs and calories every single day. And now she is in a good place with her life, just starting in a new job and it's going great. But her previous life left her with some scars she's not ready to show the world, much less Damien Stark.

Damien Stark can have anyone he wants but he wants the girl he can't have. The thing
he doesn't accept is a No. He will fight for the damaged girl he sees because in many ways they are the same. And he needs to feel complet

This story is dark and twisted. It isn't cute and lovable, it can't be.This two people are alone in their suffering but now they came together to form a beautiful thing to see. It all starts with a wager, she helps him and he helps her. It's supposed to be simple but the way these two learn to trust again and learn it's okay to love another person and not be let down by that it's a very complicated path.
“The hell you are. You’re not weak, Nikki. You’re powerful. You’re a survivor. When I hold you, I can feel the power in you. It’s like holding a live wire.” He moves closer, then cups my face gently in his palm. “That’s why I want you, baby. I’m not weak, either. Why would I want a woman who is?”
Nikki is a great female lead. She's fun and not proud, she knows her limits and doesn't back down easily  She's strong and she's a survivor. The thing I liked most about her is the way she can just say thank you when she's offered a gift by Damien, she won't go all "I can't accept it because it's too expensive". Screw that, he's a bazilionaire... I think he can afford to spend a few dollars on her.

Damien is awesome to get to know. He's all grumpy and cold at the beginning but in the end he's just a sweet, vulnerable guy who had too many responsibilities since he was little. And he's Hot.... Even though i think his appearance description was very exaggerated...

They complete each other and seeing the progress they make in this book is exhilarating. This book is great and stands in no shadow of the others.
“Oh. Good. That’s good.” I take a deep breath. “It’s just that you look—” 
“A bit like the big bad wolf.” 
“And would that make you Little Red Riding Hood? I may want to devour you,

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