Going Under by S.Walden

April 17, 2013

Going Under  is a serious book that bring us one of the most serious problem that sadly happens more often than not. It takes trough the shame, the anger and revulsion of rape. And in the end finishes with the most important lesson of all, If you know someone or if you are one of this cases you have to stop being afraid and press charges.

Brooke is the leading girl. she's strong and determined to avenge her best friend, Beth. Beth was the target in a twisted game some boys are doing, Sex Score Sheets. You have a rank and a type of girl and then you have points for what you got the girl doing. Beth was one of those girls but she was also one of the one's that were raped. So, Brooke wants revenge and she's willing to make the boys pay.
"I was a warrior in that moment, and I was going into battle on behalf of my friend. I’ll fucking bury this guy, Beth. I’ll do it. Just watch me do it. And I transformed into the predator. He just didn't know it yet. He thought I was the prey, and I’d let him."
The boys are revolting. They are monsters, clearly with twisted minds in their tinny little heads. I hated every single one of them, their falseness. They were repulsive! But they were described as such with a skill that it was amazing to read. S.Walden really knows how to create the characters and building them to the max.

Brooke is strong, we see her dealing with major problems during the story. Either is because she claims it's her fault Beth is dead or because she's falling for the guy who hides a secret she's not ready to know. It's raw and painful to read her journey, it won't be pretty and it will be maddening for us to witness it. She starts off as a party girl moving to the serious, focused on revenge girl. I loved her character, her strength, her resilience, her attitude, everything in Brooke made me like her and understand the reasons for her actions.

Going Under has an addictive story and plot, it all matches like a puzzle. The scenes are described perfectly and take your breath away. It's not an easy book to read, it will shock people but i think it's really good eye opener and it's simply breath-taking.

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