Own The Wind (Chaos #1) by Kristen Ashley

April 14, 2013

Own The Wind is a badass book, filled with badass guys and their badass women's.

It introduces us to the world of bikers, a worlds that sometimes in books is portrayed as something vile and not good. Still in here is all about the brotherhood and making sure the people you love are safe and sheltered. No critics and no questions asked therefore avoiding lies. All about the family.
"There’s friction, differences of opinion, politics, even clashes. But there’s always the brotherhood and we all know it. That will never die.”
Tabby and Shy are two character i loved and admired! Both of them with very strong, defined personalities that it feels as if the room will enter in combustion every time they are near.

Their story starts off bad with a wake up call from Shy to Tabby, resulting in almost three years of avoidance from Tabby. Then a disaster strikes and they are thrown together once more and that's when the real story begins.

 Both of them don't like to compromise or bend towards the other will, due to the their easily irritated self's, but they will learn to do so as their relationship starts deepening.  It's amazing to see them both together, the fire, the love, the trust, the lust. It's all there cranked up to a max. They will learn that staying together will mend all the screw up mistakes from the past and help the healing.
“May feel like you’re fallin’, Tabby, but remember, I’m at the bottom ready to catch you.”
Also all the secondary characters are great. All of them with marking personalities and very unique and different. The world of Harley's and bikers described awesomely and the danger and rush is brings as well. It will have dealers, crazy best friends, the feeling of loss and shattered hearts being glued back together.  Kristen Allen is definitely in my best writers list, the world she created and the actions she gave. It's all pure awesomeness.  Looking forward to the next tale in this novel.

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