Pretty Little Things by Teresa Mummert Book Review. CRAZY IN LOVE!!

March 19, 2014

Published March 11th 2014 by Teresa Mummert
ISBN13: 9781491291412

I was young enough not to understand that my life was different. Colin became the one person that I could count on to protect me. He suffered for the both of us by carrying the burden of our secret. 

 We were the lucky few that got a chance to start over. A fake family, a new home and a pretty little life built on lies. But while our lives continued to intertwine, we were put on very different paths. Now it was only a matter of time before they collide and the beast behind the beauty is exposed.

Book Review: 

Pretty little Things is that dark book that you just need to have in your hands. The cover is Beautiful and the Author is one of the best. Not to mention the blurb that just leaves you guessing and guessing. The book had everything to be amazing and it didn't let me down.
 I wanted the anger, the control, and questionable morals. I wanted it all now, and it was killing me to fight against it, but she was worth the struggle.

The story revolves around Colin and Annie. Annie was put put in a religious cult with a fanatic (Colin's Dad) that used to steal girls that looked like her and kill them. Seriously, just this tiny part screams Teresa Mummert!! And then as Colin's dad made him hurt Annie they bolted the place and told everything to the police. Now they are on the run from the guy. The story is SICK! Super messed up and really dark but so exciting to read... 
You can continue to pretend that our life before we moved here was all just a bad dream. I wish I had that luxury. But I know exactly what happens to girls like you who think they are invincible.” 
“Yeah? What’s that?” she challenged.  
“I prove them wrong.”

I cannot explain how much i adored this book. It's sick, twisted and super sad. 

Colin is a bad guy that thinks he's all twisted inside because he likes to inflict pain and turns into a controlling monsters at times and Annie is the young girl that is all too sweet... These two together definitely make an awesome couple.They start as brother and sister but right from the start you see their chemistry and how much they depend on each other to live after all they have been through. Colin starts as an asshole (And ends the book as one as well) but it gets better with time. Annie is the character that really developed and went from a kid to a girl that defends and loves. And when these two finally start to get along... My, My it's Hot! 
To say Colin was overprotective of me was an understatement, but he was equally annoyed by my presence, which made dealing with him a constant game of Russian roulette.

Teresa Mummert wowed me yet again with a miniature book that will brand itself into my mind... Pretty Little Things ends up as a big Drama/Action book with romance that will take you to your knees.

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