Wild Souls (The Kingson Pride #3) by Kristen Banet // Book Review

July 02, 2018


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Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Adult, Reverse Harem


Wild Souls is the final book in the Kingson Pride series. Was it awesome? Hell, yes. Was it action packed? Yup. Did it give us sexy scenes with all the boys? Damn, right it did. Was it badass? Fuck yeah.
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It’s no secret that I love this series. Not only the dynamic between the five men is exceptionally written, but their dynamic with Riley is sexy, deep, and so well developed.  Each and every one of the characters has their own individual personality that mirrors their animal. It’s great!

With this final book, I was expecting the conclusion of many things that were left over from the previous books. And were they? Some yes, some no. The book did end with most of its issues resolved and finalized, but it also left some room for further books... Which I’m all for it!! I do, however, wished for more sexy scenes with Riley and all the boys. The author teased about it in the book, but it was never done. But that’s just me being greedy.

The secondary characters (the wolfs) were a constant presence in the story. I do hope they get a book for their pack, not only because they were introduced to a girl they grew rather fond of, but also because they are awesome.

Wild Souls has a story that kept me at the end of my seat the entire time. It has a lot of scary scenes where the boys and Riley are in danger, but together they manage to overcome everything and every enemy they have. They are all badass. Kristen does an amazing job making sure her book is not too cheesy and has just the right amount of action, danger, and sexiness.

It was an awesome ending to a great series, but I do want more. I want more books in this world, in fact, I NEED THEM!!

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