Patriots by Will Kane Thompson + Giveaway

March 12, 2018

by Will Kane Thompson


Tristan thinking about what leads someone to commit an act of terror, whether a young person who becomes a suicide bomber in Israel or shoots up a school in America:

 “At the heart of it, it was all very simple, actually. It was pain. Unforgivable pain. Pain and hating the people who caused it. Or who you thought caused it. Or who you were made to believe caused it. A crying child who hits his parent, and the good parent says, ‘No, no, don’t hit. Use your words.’ But words are harder to come by than fists. They take a maturity we are, as a society, as a planet of societies, mostly, still so far from attaining. And so, the argument goes, our aggressors will not understand and respect our words, they only understand and respect our fists. So fists and swords and bullets and bombs are what we must use ... to end our pain.

 NPR interview in South Florida after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy: 

 From the interviewer: 

"DzMass killings on school campuses have, unfortunately, become commonplace in American society. Just a week ago today, a shooter opened fire at a Broward County high school –killing 17 people and injuring another 15. ...Perhaps no recent work of fiction better handles this subject – and all the gray areas in between the nation’s pretty black-and-white divide – than DzPatriotsdz by Will Kane Thompson."

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