Finding My Prince Charming (Finding My Prince Charming, #1) by J.S Cooper - Book Review

May 31, 2014

Published May 27th 2014

Can a Playboy Prince ever be tamed?

When Lola Franklin decided to study abroad she never anticipated embarking on a whirlwind weekend romance with a hot guy before classes started.

And she certainly never counted on the hot guy being her new professor. Or a Prince. Or the biggest asshole she had ever met.

Xavier Van Romerius is the playboy Prince of Europe and he loves his life. He doesn’t do relationships, and never wants to get married. But when he see’s Lola Franklin flirting with his little brother Casper, he realizes that maybe he needs to rethink his ideas about love before the wrong Prince gets the girl.

Book Review:

Isn't this cover so amazing??? Hells Yes! I'm in the middle of a breakdown because this Prince is everything but charming... He's an asshole! But kind of an addictive asshole! The kind that you hate and love at the same time.

I can't form an exact opinion of this book because i feel like i have to read the second one in order to understand the characters and even the story well. Finding My Prince Charming will not please everyone because it's definitely rushed and very light. It's just a book about a girl (Lola) that falls in love with a manwhore who happens to be a prince and a Prince (Xavier) who falls in love with the wrong girl for him. And then add Xavier's brother (which is much nicer by the way), Sebastian, and you have this funny, romantic book with a lot of drama. 
His lips twitched and my eyes narrowed. 
" Excuse me? "
"For what am I excusing you? "
"You' re a pig".  
" Is that higher up or lower than an ass? "
I really liked Lola but damn she could be stupid! I mean can she even say no, once? Nope. From the start she's the focused student that doesn't do nothing wrong and then she has a one night stand with Xavier, who happens to be her teacher as well... YAY!! Then he starts to make her life miserable and at the same time seducing her head off! And even calling her a slut once or twice doesn't get her to hate him one bit!!  And then Sebastian comes into the big picture and Xavier gets jealous but tries not to show it. So she's the type of character that contradicts herself a lot but with a guy like that i think everyone else would too. 

Xavier... Is someone like him even allowed to become a prince? I guess. This author created the most hated and loved guy and the least eligible for a charming title ever!! But we get to see his side a few times and i just think that he's scared of caring for Lola too much because he knows that his lifestyle can ruin her... Though I seriously think he's a prick, by the way he finished this book but i really have to read the next one to see if he can redeem himself.
I wanted to pull her into my arms and ask her if she missed me. Instead, I told her I needed to talk to her about being my assistant. I needed a reason to talk to her that didn't show her how eager I was to spend more one-on-one time with her. I was Xavier, Prince of Romerius. I could have any girl I wanted. I wasn't sprung on her. Hell, no!
I cannot wait to read Taming My Prince Charming and see Lola teaching Xavier a lesson!!!

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